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AudioWrapper is a GUI for mp3splt (and in a future mp3wrap).
It's in an early state of Alpha. Probably had to be tottaly rewritten. Anyway now can split files in a lot of platform.



Is available a jar file that contains also the source code. It works in all platform where is a Java2 VM is available (you can obtain a copy of Java VM at Needs also that mp3splt is installed and is present in system PATH. mp3splt can be downloaded at

Win32 Installer

For win32 is available an installer that includes mp3splt precompiled, an exe-wrapper for java, source code of AudioWrapper and mp3splt.

Known Bugs

Under all platform

When AudioWrapper is making something (is connecting to, an extraction is in progress), the program is Freezed. This is due to an implementation without threads, Requires a lot of time fix this. (how i said i have to rewrite this program).

Unser Win32

After some extraction the program remains Freezed and is necessary to kill javaw.exe, anyway the extraction works correctly (if you wait the needed time, of course)


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Download is available at Download Section.
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Some Screenshots are available here


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